Friday, November 13, 2009


When I first started blogging (ohhh like a couple weeks ago), I wanted to mimick all of these amazing women that I see in all of the blogs that I stalk... I have come to realize through this experience that I don't need to mimick anyone because I am amazing just being myself. I may not be perfect... I may not comb my hair everyday... I may not be the friendliest person all the time, but I am ME and I am happy that way. I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for my husband who loves me just the way I am (and laughs that I change hobbies all the time), I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who allows us to grow and make choices and forgives us when we make bad ones. Even though I desperately want babies right now, I am grateful that I have this time with the Hubbs (just us) to be together, experience each other, and grow together before we bring mini-me's into the world (which I hope its only like ONE mini-me and more mini-hims because too many mini-me's would be REALLY HARD). So I am still going to document some neat things I try and make but moreso going to document about how cool I think I am (just kidding).

p.s. KNITTING SUCKS... I don't think my mind allows me to process it. I have taken apart the same dang dishcloth five times because I screwed up knitting- plus being left handed makes it difficult because I can't just mirror the you tube videos. UGH.

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