Friday, July 2, 2010

Its been a LONG time since I have posted on here. I have been out of commission for the last 6 weeks or so. So I will catch you up without boring you with tons of details.

I am pregnant- 13 weeks on Sunday. The first couple weeks were like "deer in headlights" because we were not really trying or thinking we would get pregnant so soon after the miscarriage we had a couple months prior. The hubbs was really really sick the month we got prego and lets just say... there was not alot of baby making going on. But I guess it only takes once. Because of the miscarriage, we were reluctant to get excited. Didn't really talk a whole lot about it and sorta just waited out the first couple weeks.

So pregnancy was ALOT more difficult then I imagined. My chest was always sore, I was moody, and super tired. But that was nothing to when I started to get sick. I have always had a "stomach reflux type" problem that would happen when I would throw up. One time to the bathroom to throw up would end up being spending a day in the ER get rehydrated and medicated. I always hoped that pregnancy would change that, but I was wrong. Every week for the last 6 weeks I have been sick at least 3 days. Usually spending one day nautious as all can be, one day vomiting all day long, and one day trying to recoop from the day of vomiting. Now mind you... If I am not able to get medication in me, I am vomitting all day everyday until I think I am going to die. The doc put me on Zofran meds which is supposed to be best and only meds that you can get for morning sickness. That didn't help so then they put me on a Zofran pump which is basically a tube connected to my stomach that gives me a constant flow of meds. I have to poke myself with needles every other day and its really NO FUN. Even with that... I still get sick once or twice a week. I am hoping it starts to get a little better soon. I did lose close to 20 pounds- which was good because I had well over 20 to lose but I was so concerned about the baby getting nutrients and whatnot. All the ultrasounds show the baby growing so that is good. We have an appt this coming Thursday so I will keep you posted and maybe I will take a picture of my fancy pump I get to carry around. I know you are jealous.

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  1. I know the method must've sucked, but congrats on losing all that weight! My dream would have been to lose (maybe not your way) a bunch of weight the first trimester, and spend the rest of my pregnancy merely gaining the weight lost! There are some good things about pregnancy, which is different for every woman, you might find out later on into the second trimester. For me, I had this terrible problem with breaking out really bad on the backs of my arms. I've had this problem ever since puberty. Second trimester hit and BOOM! my arms were silky smooth. It was nice. Unfortunately, six months later, they're back to the way they were pre-pregnancy. I hope something like that happens for you. It seems like you deserve it!