Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Baking

Golly it has been a while since I have blogged. I feel like a schmuck because I always have lots to say but apparently can't sit down to write it out. I figure I also should chronicle life for my future child.
So I did write that we are having a baby. I should probably go back and check what I last wrote... please hold. Okay I am back-
So it was like a week after I last posted so I was 14 weeks along and magically woke up one day and felt great. I had energy. I wasn't sick and boy I was hungry. I did lose close to 20 lbs while being sick. I hated being sick but definitly needed to lose 20 pounds so I guess there is a positive there.
We had an ultrasound at 17.5 weeks and here is what we saw.

The ultrsound tech had a hard time because our baby was being stubborn and the umbilical cord was between the legs so it was hard to tell but she did tell us it was a girl. Now I always thought I would be the mother of lots of little boys. So when I found we were having a girl I was excited but a little shocked. I had already named our baby Kai (which is a boys name) and picked out a baby room that I liked (which was a boys room) but at the same time I have three girlfriends that just had baby girls so I imagined having fun tea parties and dress up parties and lots of fun "girly" things.
We also got to see this cute picture of our little one.

The babies head looks kinda funny but thats the placenta. I love 3D pictures though. They are so fun.
Because of the babies position, we were scheduled to go back in two weeks so I would be at 19.5 weeks to do the anatomy ultrasound. It was then that we got this picture.

So at this ultrasound the babys weiner came out from behind the umbilical cord. During the ultrasound I said to the tech, "well it looks like the baby is still a girl" and she was like "uh...I can't confirm that- it looks like a boy to me". I made her check and check again but apparently we are HAVING A BOY!

Here is another picture of our little boy sucking his thumb
Kai Frederick Beaudoin
He is measuring right where he should be and they said everything looks good.
We are super excited.
His name Kai is Hawaiian for "The Sea". The Hubbs and I really wanted something unique for a name
something that was different and he liked Hawaiian names because my grandfather (mom's dad) was Hawaiian.
Frederick is Brians grandfather (mom's dad) name and Brians middle name.
Its kinda funny but right when we first looked at names- Kai stood out to me. Even when we thought we were having a girl I kept saying, this baby is supposed to be named Kai but because it is more of a boy name I looked for other options (she would have been named Skye)
So all in all... we are super excited. Feeling good and excited to meet our little buddy.
Here is a picture of me getting large with child.

Me at 20 weeks


  1. Oh My goodness you are so cute prego! And I knew you would have a girl you will be such a great mommy! COngrats to you she is a lucky lil girl! Keep us posted and BLOG I miss you on blogger:-)

  2. So fun!! At least you had the ultrasound again before the baby was born so you knew and didn't get all of the wrong baby stuff! =) Impressed you already have the name picked out and everything...I am 30 weeks and still completely stuck on what our little one will be called! Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes great for you!

  3. Congrats! Cute name. Boys are so fun!!