Monday, May 5, 2014

So Long- Farewell Facebook

About a month ago, I sat in my comfy LazyBoy chair and was flipping through my cellphone and my son came up beside me and asked what I was doing. "Looking at Facebook" I replied. My homepage or whatever that thing is called on Facebook was scrolling along and a video started playing. I didn't know what the video was and thank goodness Kai wasn't impressed and looked away because the images were horrific (shooting of people in a middle eastern country) and made my stomach turn. Immediatley I tried figuring out how to get this off my phone and away from my Facebook page.

That was the beginning for me. Next it was my kids handing my phone to me when I look it is my pacifier or something. Then it was my realization that I don't talk to my friends, I don't even text them. I rely so much on social media (particulary Facebook) to keep in contact with people. But lastily and probably the defining moment when I knew something needed to change was when I watched a video (on Facebook of course) that hit home to me.

My kids are growing so quickly and I want to document their lives but I don't need to do that through social media. The line in the video that stood out was something about not needing to share a special moment with all my friends but share it with the ones that are there. I took this picture of the kids on Saturday and me and my husband giggled about how cute our kids are...and immediately I had it uploaded onto social media. For people will LIKE it? Why not put on an apron backwards and join in the superhero fun? Instead I sat on my phone for a good 15 minutes after I posted my picture to look at all the others totally missing this moment with my kids. Shame on me!

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