Sunday, May 29, 2011


It was probably close to three years ago that I was introduced to wonderous "blogsphere".. I was intrigued as I read about other amazing women who so openly shared their lives with the world. Women who allowed themselves to be exposed and all their weaknesses. It was basically like daily I was reading about other people who I didn't even know and knowing their whole story without ever meeting them.

Amazing women like Stephanie Nielson (nienie) who my husband thinks I am semi obessed with. I have read every post she has ever written and just love her outlook on family and life. Her faith strengthens my faith. Women like her sister CJane who I related to as I was trying to get pregnant. A woman  who has amazing wit and humor to her daily entries. I have never met her...but met her husband Chup (quite funny semi stalkerish story).

I also am amazed by the talents of so many women who I blog stalk as well. Women who quilt like Camille over at Simplify (see I talk like I know them... I don't but I buy her stuff so in my world that makes us BFF's), who craft, who cook, who take pictures, who do it all. One of those women is Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Women. I am semi obsessed with her lately. Mostly because I got her cookbook which I LOVE. If any of you (two readers) want a really good, down home, two stick of butter, and definitly NOT CALORIE WATCHING cookbook...get this one.

 Its yummy just to look at the pictures. Not just of the food but also of her wonderful world on her ranch.... and the pictures of her husband aren't that bad either. There is something EXTREMELY HOT about a man in a cowboy hat. I have tried to get (beg) my husband just to entertain me once by wearing a cowboy hat but he seems to think it doesn't go well with her rocker image. Whatever.

Anyways. Today I am paying tribute to Pioneer Woman...thank you for sharing your stories, your photography free actions, your amazing cooking skills, and your super hot husband "Marbolo Man" with the world.

I do believe her Monkey Bread recipe is the best...maybe thats because I haven't had other recipes but I will keep hers... plus doesn't it just look delicious.

I am off to make some yummy Twice Baked Potatos (yes recipe from her book).

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