Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Year....

I can hardly believe that its been a year since The Hubbs and I got married. This has been such an awesome anniversary. Friday I took off work to go buy a cute little dress... its hard to buy cute dresses when everything in the store is not very modest. I did find a cute black dress that I was able to wear a little sweater with. I bought some SEXY black high heels that made my legs look super hot... (well I thought so) and then I spoiled myself with some new jewelry and a manicure and pedicure. Can't have super sexy high heals with a poor manicure. Bri took me to a fancy restaurant and we ate the MOST EXPENSIVE MEAL I have ever eaten but it was SOOOOOO yummy. Bri said it was a special occasion so we can splurge on a fancy meal. Today is our actual anniversary and we have skipped out on church (forgive me) and spent the whole day hangin out in our backyard playing boche ball, chess, enjoying yummy beverages and food, and just enjoying each other as we speak we have food on the grill and have hooked up the TV outside so we can enjoy this wonderful weather and watch the Cardinals play Sunday Night Football. I LOVE MY HUSBAND SO MUCH... I am so grateful for him and and feel SO BLESSED TO HAVE HIM. This year was amazing and I look so forward to so many more.

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  1. So Puurty Brooke! Congrats you guys looks really happy!