Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Happy Happy Day...

What a beautiful day it was here in Arizona. I mean gorgeous weather, like the kind of weather that you have to do something outside and if you are not outside, you open all the windows in the house to let the fresh air in and allowing the birds to fill your house with joyful noise. I love days like this.
Plus another reason it was such a HAPPY DAY...
Look what made its way to MY HOUSE.
Guess whats in this big box..?..?
Woo hoo... my  new super wonderful Ernie... mom and I liked that name better then Nina. I love Ernie... like seriously love it. So much that I had to reorganize my crafice to create a pleasant working space for Ernie and me to make magic.
I could hardly wait to get it put together and get to work.
Now I can finish all the projects that I put on hold until Ernie made his way into my life.

I am now watching one of the best feel good movies...
Can you guess what it is....
LOVE IT!!! Have a Happy Weekend.


  1. Congratulations!

    There's nothing like a new machine in a creative person's life. Even if it's an old one, which I've just unearthed!
    I used to work for a Bernina dealership, and you've bought a great machine. Looks like the 640, did you get the BSR and embroidery module? many gals added those later. I know you're gonna have too much fun!

  2. Its the Aurora 440... it does have the BSR which I LOVE. That was my huge selling point. We may add the embroidery module later but for now this is enough fun for me to play with.

  3. Hi Brooke
    I tested the BSR at our store when it first came out. We found it a delightful addition!! You are going to have too much fun!!
    Please show us what you make with it. Can't wait