Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pants on the Ground...

I titled this post that because as we speak (or type)... ABC News is actually having a report on "pants on the ground"... really?? Is that the only news out there?
So lets see- its been a while since I posted. I have been somewhat busy. I moved Ernie (my sewing machine) into the Crafice where it belongs. Now I find myself spending hours upon hours in the crafice watching random movies like PS I Love You, Dirty Dancing, Mama Mia, and others. I watch all these movies while quilting away on this...

I orignally bought some Chirp in Pink for my great friend Ashleys baby quilt but it was just a little too much pink for me. I needed something other then brown, white, pink and green. I needed shades of color. So I putrchased some Hunky Dory by Chez Moi. Love it!!! I got a Jelly Roll because I wanted to make Jelly Filled by Thimbleblossoms I have been a fan of this quilt since I saw it on another blog. So I ventured to make it.

BUT... Hunky Dory is a little "busy" meaning that there are lots of swiggly lines and it makes a quilt busy.
So I decided to add some sashing and here is where I am at currently... I have not sewn all the pieces together but I thought I would give a sneak peak at the progress.
Ashley... if your reading this (which I doubt because I only told you my blog address once and your response was... "You blog??" said in a way of disbelief and confusion- probably because you think I am like Perez Hilton) but anyways if you are reading this- I hope you likey what I am making for your baby.

"Pants of the Ground.. Pants on the ground- look like a fool with your Pants on the Ground"


  1. Brooke-- I love your progress :) it is wonderful. Thank you!!! Love, Ashley

  2. I saw this quilt in person at the shower....it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I would love one for my daughter!