Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rainy Sunday Afternoons

Here is Phoenix we do not get rain that often... BUT for some reason this year it seems to have rained quite a bit. I love it. Today I had this great plan to walk home from church since we live so close to the building. I packed my favorite raincoat and new tennis shoes and headed to church. The morning was a little wet but I thought for sure it would clear up and be a pleasant walk. I was wrong... it poured during church. So much that I had to have the Hubbs take me home so I can get a car (I stay longer then he does). I chickened out. I do love the rain, I love the smell, I love the crispness in the air, I love the sound. I love it all but what I don't love... is walking in the pouring rain. Maybe next week, I'll walk home.
So on this rainy Sunday afternoon I spent enjoying my love for quilting. I am not one to start the project and finish it, I kinda like to have multiple quilts going in various stages at a time. While I am washing the fabric for one quilt, I will be cutting the fabric for another, sewing the blocks for another. I have one finished ready to be sandwiched (if I can just pick out a backing fabric), one sandwiched ready to be machine quilted, and one set of blocks done ready for quilt top sewing. Some might say this is CRAZY and I should just do one at a time but my problem... I get bored. I like to work on the various steps for a little bit and then move to the next quilt... work on a few steps and so on. Needless to say- I have created a MESS of fabric and a very disorganized working but heck... I am happy and I am loving every minute of it.
Here are some pics of my world...
This is my attempt at being organized...

Some of the super cute fabrics I am using for my wonderful friend Ashleys babies blanket (she is having a girl if you couldn't guess).

The blocks for this months BLOCK LOTTO- I am loving these colors and the Log Cabin with Attitude pattern (or lack of pattern)

I never realized how quickly this large box would fill out with fabric. I am semi-addicted to fabric. Yes I think its a problem and no I don't care about it. I love buying fabrics. This box here is just the scrap box. I have plastic tubs (like shown above) of various useables. I HEART Quilting.

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  1. Hi Brooke! I love the rain too. I'm going to be sad when the sun comes out again.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am always looking for quilty friends too!! Everyone that I share with lives out of town.