Friday, April 16, 2010


This last two weeks at my house has been filled with snotty noses,  pains, late night coughing, throwing up, fevers, headaches, backaches, neck aches (and all the other aches you can think of). The hubbs and I have both been sick this last week. I had previously planned to take two days off work just so I could "hibernate" in the crafice and quilt my little heart out before Ernie went to my moms (we have joint custody of the sewing machine), but I ended up getting sick last week and it still is bugging me to this day. The hubbs has tons of problems as well- he was diagnosed with rhuemtoid arthritis this last week (he has not been able to feel his fingers for some time and after lots of tests thats what they say it is), he has a UTI, had the stomach flu and a horrible cold (AT THE SAME TIME). Poor guy. He has been a trooper but definitly can see it all over him that he feels like poo. I hate when we are both sick because we just sorta whine to each other but don't really feel bad for the other because we each feel like crap.ol.a. So I finally got around to whining to you- the blogging world. So thats my story. Wish I had something exciting to post. Maybe tomorrow.
What I did realize this week though however....
Some of my newest favorite things.

And I finally used one of my Christmas gifts and I loved it...

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