Friday, April 2, 2010


I am Mormon (or LDS- whichever you prefer). Mormons like meetings. We have meetings to plan meetings about other meetings. It seems like there are always meetings to attend, meetings to plan... you get my point.
Last night I had a meeting to plan a meeting at my house for an upcoming RS (womans group) meeting. The subject- Cleaning, Organizing, and being a good homemaker. uhhhhh.... (silence fills the room).
I am attempting to be domestic. I am newly married (well semi newly). I have no kids. I clean when I have something on my mind and I organize when I am frustrated (usually). If I organize something it becomes UNORGANIZED within a couple days. Me teaching on that subject- hmmmm?
So I was looking up some cleaning articles and whatnot and realized that my storage room full on "ONE HIT WONDER" products is useless.
Check out this site (I would link but for some reason my posting section is wierd) it has some amazing TIPS AND TRICKS and great ideas. For me and for my meeting.

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  1. Also check out the Fly Lady site, if you haven't already crossed paths with it. I think you could do a wonder presention about all those one hit wonders (that aren't so wonderful) along with a common sense approach to Cleaning, Organizing and being a good homemaker. Good luck with your meeting.