Sunday, May 2, 2010

Domestic Tips and Tricks

I am FAR FROM DOMESTIC... but I try. I recently had to teach a RS class on cleaning and organizing. As I was searching for various subjects I came across two awesome ideas that REALLY WORK and I love them.

Making your own WIPES... like those clorox sanitizer wipes that you stock up on because they are so convienient. Basically... you cut a roll of paper towels in half and put them in a food saver container. Pour 1 szcup of pine sol and 2 cups of water. Let them soak overnight and then you can use.
They work AWESOME and its so much cheaper then having to buy those Clorox wipes all the time.
Check out for more recipes to make Glass Wipes, Heavy sanitizer wipes.

Another great idea... THAT WORKS. Instead of using bounty dryer sheets (WHICH I L.O.V.E), Take an old rag or washcloth and soak in fabric softener. (I didn't really soak it since I used a big rag but made sure it was covered) then let it air dry. When doing laundry, keep that fabric softener rag in the dryer. It makes your clothes smell fresh. I also have those AS SEEN ON TV dryer ball things that work great to get all the static out.

Here is my towel. I have used it in like 20 loads and it still smells good and works. I was a huge fan of the dryer sheets but I realized that I was using two sheets a load to get a fresh smell so I tried this and I think I will stick with it. I use Downy fabric softener in my wash loads so I always have some on hand and really it only takes like one capful to make the rag have it on it.

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