Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

 My mom is one of my besties. I love spending time with her.
Its amazing how different our relationship is as I have gotten older.
I love talking about everything under the sun. I love crafting with her. I love her willingness to help me with projects I get myself into. I love thrift store shopping with her. Yesterday as my mom and I went out shopping, I was walking through the mall thinking about how much my parents have sacrificed for me throughout the years.
A couple years ago (right before I met the Hubbs), my mom and I went to New York together just the two of us. What perfect timing for a girlie trip because right when I got back, I met the Hubbs and as wrapped up in dating, engagement, and marriage.
That New York trip was a blast so on this Mothers Day, I am going to share some of the pics from New York. I love you Mom.

(i wish i was that skinny again... i look good there- sidenote: i got my mothers good looks and her confidence in those looks... semi-kidding)
If you wanna read about the amazing Grandmothers in my life as well....
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