Thursday, September 24, 2009


What is it that makes Grandma's so special?? Is it the fact that they always are smiling? Or that they always have homes that smell so pleasant... like cookies, flowers, or that perfume smell that always takes you back to your childhood? Is it that they are your biggest cheerleader? Your greatest fan? Or your shoulder to cry on when everything seems to go wrong? I have been SO BLESSED with amazing grandmothers. They both are so similar and so different. These two women were both Mid-West Farmers Daughters. They were beautiful, smart, talented and I have been blessed to know both of them and still today try to emulate their qualities.
Sadly, my "Grandma" passed away a couple months ago. I miss her. I miss her laugh, her smile, her stories, her cooking, her greeting of "well there's my Brookie", her big hugs, her love. She had faith like no other, loved EVERYONE that she met- she considered everyone her "friend". She remembered birthdays, anniversarys, holidays, and you always got a card for each event in your life. She was always there to tell you that she loved you.

My "Mema" lives in Missouri and unfortuantly because of the distance, I am not able to see her often. She is such an amazing, talented woman. She cooks, she bakes, she cross-stitches, she quilts, she reads her Bible daily, she gardens, she has beautiful flowers, she is awesome.

With marriage, I have adopted a new "Grandma". The Husband's grandpa passed away last week and with that, we have committed to spending more time with Grandma. We went over tonight and made her dinner and hung out. She as well is such and amazing woman and I have loved (and will continue to love) getting to know her. She gives those same hugs that my grandmas do, she smiles all the time even after losing her husband of 61 years, she laughs at your jokes, she raised 4 girls (and anyone that can do that deserves a pat on the back).

Grandma's are special people. Is it experience or maturity that makes them the way they are or is it just in the Grandma handbook??

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