Thursday, August 26, 2010

My attempt at Healthy- introducing Shrek Shakes

I like (okay LOVE) reading blogs and getting a glimpse into other peoples lives and what they do and don't do. Yes maybe its stalkerish but hey... if they put it out there then they must want SOMEONE to read it and maybe that SOMEONE is me. (someone being said in that tone of voice where its kind of drawn out more like sooooomeone...just a sidnenote).
Anyways- in my various blog readings I came across Jenny Vest (who is now Hatch). I don't know if she ever reads my blog but I read hers. We were in the same church together when I lived in Texas and she was a year older then me- awesome gal- awesome family. Anyways she shared on her blog this green smoothie which she calls (along with others in the blogsphere) a SHREK SHAKE. Now I normally am not a health nut by any means but Jenny claims that drinking these shakes and giving them to her children was "the best things she has done for her children health wise" (or something like that). So I was interested.
I am getting large with child.
I like to eat "not so healthy things".
I am getting large with child.
My lovely Mema told me on the phone that I need to eat more fruits and vegatables. So I sold. I am going to try the Shrek Shake.
I followed the recipe that Jenny shares here and my did not turn out green. It was more of a sludgish brownish redish color. It didn't taste fabulous but it did have alot of good stuff in it- Fruit, Spinich, Collard Greens (whatever those are) and Flax seed. I drank it and went on with my day.

Then next day... I made another Shrek Shake (really its a smoothie so I think I will call them Shrek Smoothies) and again it did not turn out green. I took some fruit out and added more spinich. Tasted okay and went on my day.

Today I made this beauty.

Its Green and it tasted SUPER YUMMY. So here is my recipe- a little different then Jennys but I am hoping to work up to hers.
2 Bananas
1 Tablespoon of Flax Seed (bought at Sprouts)
Blend that up
Add two large handfuls of raw spinich
Blend that up
One squirt of Agave Nector
5 ice cubes
and a little water
Blend that up.
MMMMM.... tasty.

I didn't really drink it in this class- just wanted you to see how beautifully green it was.

So here is the great things about the smoothie that I can testify to after 3 days.
I feel better.
I have more energy- who needs that 5 hr energy drink??
I feel semi Popeyeish
and it has helped some of my not so pleasant bathroom issues I have had since I have been pregnant
(okay probably TMI but just want to give the facts)
 I am getting alot of nutrients that I wouldn't otherwise... who eats 2 large handfuls of spinich a day??
So try it out- just once. Promise you will likey.

Also- Google Shrek Shakes if you want more information- apparently its pretty popular amongst the healthy crowd (which I am not part of but maybe will be if I continue with my smoothies).


  1. Brooke, check out my green lemonade ... I still mostly have it for breakfast–although it also makes a great afternoon snack or pre-dinner drink–and it is delish! I use a juicer, though you could probably use the same ingredients in a good blender for your own tasty (if odd looking) ginger lemonade.

  2. I love this recipe! My kids will all drink it too. Thanks for the tip :))