Saturday, September 4, 2010


i LOVE My Dad
(I love my Mom too but this post is about hanging out with my dad)

Dad and I have a great relationship. Its awesome because we do lots of fun things together
that are totally different then I would do with my mom.
One of those things is watch Football.
Prior to dating and marrying my husband (who was a high school and college football player)
I never really liked football. But I am kinda one of THOSE GIRLS that
adopt whatever sport the guy I was dating liked.
So since my hubbs loves football...
and my Dad does too (but he liked it long before I dated the Hubbs).
Dad and I went on a Daddy/Daughter date this last week to the
Arizona Cardinals pre-season game
I have been before
Dad hasn't
So it was lots of fun to take him to the game. Plus- we had great seats

and you gotta love Quarterback bums

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