Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am back.... with avengance (or however you spell that)

I am a HORRIBLE BLOGGER... Almost every other day I will say to myself " need to catch up your blog" and then a get home, feed a hungry husband, feed a hungry child, feed a hungry self and then plop myself in front of the tv and never get around to blogging, or quilting, or cleaning, or laundry, or anything else for that matter. Being a mom is time consuming. When I get home from a long day of work- I just wanna hang out with my two favorite people instead of recording the many memories that we are making as a family.

Kai is such an awesome kid.

He is four months now- he will be five months in a few days. We love him so much. It was amazing when he hit the 4 month mark it was like a whole new baby. He started sleeping through the night (yay yay) which means mommy can now sleep in her bed WITH daddy. (sidenote- I have not slept in bed with Brian since I was like 6 months pregnant on a regular basis- my bed was not comfortable to me when I was pregnant and then once Kai came- he and I would sleep on the couch together). Kai is now sleeping in his crib (which I love). He eats lots of yummy (horrible) baby food. We started him on solids and he LOVES it. He is definitly his daddy's child because he loves bananas.

He also giggles alot now (which is like the cutest thing ever because he snorts sometimes and squeeks others). 

We are so blessed to have such a sweet little baby boy. He is so amazing.

Has anyone seen Extreme Couponing on TV??

I am motivated... now I don't want to be "extreme" but I do want stuff for free. I have been working on trying to budget. Anyone who knows me would know that I don't budget, I don't save money well, I don't think like a budget person. I like to say.."I am not a numbers person I am a people person" and saving money is a numbers game. But I am trying. We are buying a house (see below) and in order to get all the wonderful things I want for the new house...I need to save some money. I told the hubbs that I won't buy frivilous "I think I need this" items and he is not allowed to either. I have to say I have been proud of myself- since watching sales and coupons I have saved close to $100 on two shopping trips. Normally I spend over $100 a trip and I have been successful to get out of the store at half the price. Go me!!

Buying a house has to be THE MOST STRESSFUL THING EVER. I go looking at houses and then always think that I will find one that is better. We have found one we really like but its a short sale (not quite a foreclosure- but awesome price because it is ready to go to foreclosure). Now normally I would not want to mess with a short sale because they take time but we actually have some time since our lease isn't up yet and the realtor (ours and the sellers) think we have a confident chance at getting the house). I am turning it over to Heavenly Father and know if we are supposed to live there it will work out. If not, we will keep looking.

SO I AM BACK blogging world (not sure if anyone reads this but whatever)... I will promise I will blog more about my domesticness or non-domesticness *I kinda like that word*

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  1. So exciting to be buying a house! Please tell me it's not out of the ward?? I need to start couponing too...let's chat soon!