Monday, October 18, 2010

The Baby Bump

Me at 28.5 weeks

I made the Hubbs take this picture like 20 times.
me- "I look fat"
me-"I have a muffin top"
me-"Let me change shirts because this one is to tight"
after changing shirts
me-"this shirt makes me look like I am not even pregnant"
me-"Do I look fat to you?"
me-"honey... don't cut my face out of the picture"
me-"honey... my face looks huge"
the hubbs- "you are so beautiful and I love you so much"

Gotta love good husbands


  1. You do look beautiful Brookie! Cant wait to see this babe!

  2. lol....what a great husband! And you look great! Love you! =)