Monday, October 18, 2010

Brookies Cookies

I tend to jump from hobby to hobby...
 one day I am a photographer
the next I am a knitter
the next I am a baker
the next I am a quilter
then a crocheter
then a cook
then I am writer
then a gardener
then a food storage master of the universe
then a photographer again

Well whatever- I think I consider it multitalented- or multi "wanna be" talented
Anyways- Last year around this time I wanted to be a "Cookie Maker"
and I was convinced I would open a little shop called
Brookies Cookies (catchy huh?)
My parents bought me this wonderful Bosch Mixer and I just want to say... its AMAZING

I love this mixer... I highly recommend it for all baking needs.
I can't really compare it to the kitchenaid mixer but I love my machine.
I made some fabulous cookies as well that I will share in another Fall Baking post

(make sure you check out the sign in the picture... love it)

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