Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caught I am a blog stalker...

Let me tell you about my semi embarassing, sureal moment I had yesterday. With blogging you come to read so many blogs- get so many ideas- and well some of the people you read about on here become your friends (even though they don't know you). We had this training session at work. I work in HR and tend to usually be the one faciliating the trainings but this time we brought in the big dogs from the parent company to come in and teach us- motivate us- inspire us. So yesterday morning this guy walks into our office ready to teach four training sessions over two days. As we were sitting around the table with this guy, I thought to myself... "self- he looks really familiar". Why would I know him? So I started probing some questions. Something came up where he mentioned Utah- I mentioned being Mormon and that I am not a fan of Utah (no offense to my Utahian friends). As we sat there a little longer, I couldn't place where I knew him. When I went into the training session, I was looking at him and thought again- he looks familiar. He put some pics of his son and wife in his presentation and immediately I realized he was Chup... Chup was him. Chup is real and he is standing in front of me.

Now if you don't know who Chup is- GO HERE

After the class I went up to him was like awe struck... felt like I met a celebrity... someone who I read about DAILY and when I mean DAILY I have to elaborate. Cjane is my morning coffee. I read her blog (when she does blog) in the morning before I get out of bed- usually there is a new post when I get up every morning. I was totally that person that is like "uhhhh you are cool but your wife is so much cooler" and then I proceeded to tell how much I love his wife, and his kid, and his house, and his life, and his everything... OKAY IDIOT BROOKE- you don't even know this guy and he had to be like "seriously crazy stalker blog person get away from me" but he wasn't. He said that I was the first person to recognize him in that kind of work setting. He was nice and polite and let me tell him over and over how appreciative I am of his wifes writings. Too bad I didn't have a camera because I totally would have done the one handed let me take a picture of us- totally stalkerlike.

But anyways in this rant here is my point-

I identified with him. I knew him. He was a character in my favorite book. I never really thought he was real because to me him, his wife, his child, their family- they are characters. They probably don't realize that little ol' me here in Phoenix reads their stories and laughs, and cries, and identifies with them. They don't know who they influence and how something that she said in the morning makes my day, uplifts my spirit, brings me joy. And all she did was write and share a piece of her. Today I felt embarassed (which doesn't happen often) so I avoided the classes just because I didn't want him to see me walk in and go "oh great not HER again".

Oh how Blogging is great!


  1. Good grief, I was waiting for you to come down so I could get your number or set up a little meeting. Or see if you wanted to babysit the Chief for the evening...:) Stalker...shya. I told cjane all about you. "She gets it." I told her. She totally noticed your comments and we talked about trying to meet you before we left today...(who's stalking who now) Ended up being crazy rushed to return the rental/catch our flight, but I pointed to the back of the restaurant as we went by to tell her where we did the trainings.... THANKS brooke, you were great. Cept for that bachelor thing.....

  2. Thanks for taking care of my husband on Tuesday. You completely made his week. Wish I knew how to do that.

    (nice to meet you sorta).