Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy with the Boy

I can honestly say that the last six weeks has been joyful.
Yes, he cries now and then.
 Yes, he likes to EXPLODE in his diaper right after I put a clean one on him.
 Yes, he likes to wake up right after I tuck myself and my hunny into bed.
 No, he is not sleeping through the night (which happens to be everyones first question- does he sleep through the night??)
 Yes, he spits up on my clean shirt that I just put on.
 Yes, I look like death worn over half the time (probably because I only shower every other day- TMI).
but Yes...Yes I am in love and my little boy has brought so much joy to my already wonderful life.

Some of the wonderful things that he has started doing- he smiles now and not just when he is pooping or sleeping...sometimes even when I talk to him or play with him.
He started looking more closely at me when I am holding him and when he is facing away from me- he looks back at me.
He holds his neck up all strong and tough like a big boy.
He is officially out of newborn diapers and clothes.
He is always kicking and sqwirming around.
He LOVES taking baths.
He LOVES to pee all over me when he takes his baths.

His hair is kinda getting wavy and his eyes are still blue (fingers crossed- I have blue eyes)

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