Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mommy Must Haves

One of the things that I love about blog stalking is seeing what other people use and love. It seems like if someone says they have something and L.O.V.E it then I need to have it. I try out alot of products because someone else suggested it- some I love some I don't.
So today, I want to be that someone and share some of the items that I LOVE and have been must haves in my world the last six weeks.

Body Shop Lip Balm... if you remember from a previous post I shared that I loved Burts Bees (which I still do) but then on a recent shopping trip to the mall... I came across this lovely lip balm. It is AWESOME. Its the best. With boob feeding, I constantly feel like I am dry skinned and chaped lips. This stuff makes my lips not only taste yummy and smell yummy, it keeps them moisterized and silky smooth. 

The Boppy... seriously Mr. (or Mrs) Boppy creater (probably a Ms. because its so wonderful) is GENIUS GENIUS... I love this thing. Kai just lays in it on the couch, the hubbs uses it for feedings, I use it when I am pumping and the kid wants to be on my lap. My dog Mia even loves it. If I put a blanket over it, Mia finds herself cuddled up in it. 

This was one of the first things I bought the unborn child. I only got it because it matched the room, but I am so happy I did. Kai loves it. It lights up, plays some music and bubble noises (which soothes him). He has been sleeping in his crib since he first came home and we turn this on for him everynight, he just stares at it and listens to the music. Usually he is asleep before it turns off.

A friend of ours got this at her baby shower and I thought we need one of those. Supernanny says that parents should track feedings and diapers in the first weeks. This little gadget doesn't track it but keeps a timer for each item. We used it to track his dirty diapers (which only lasted like two days because it was to much), his feedings, and my pumpings (since I only pump and we bottle feed). This was so helpful the first week or so when you get no sleep and me and the hubbs were on two different schedules. We would pass this moniter back and forth as one was heading to bed and the other was getting out of bed.

These two items go hand in hand. I am addicted to watching The Office. I have never seen it but have had friends say its their favorite. I love it and seriously watch like 4 episodes a night (sometimes more). Thank goodness for Netflix.

So these are my favorite things. I love them all and highly RECOMMEND them.

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  1. Brooke - we have the same timer device and I absolutely depend on it so much and soooo glad we bought it. Also - so jealous that all you have to do is play a little music for Kai at night in his crib and he falls asleep before its over. Ms. Maizie falls asleep in our arms and then the minute we lay her down in her crib she is WIDE awake. :)