Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovey Day

I have always loved Valentines Day and this year is no different. I am not really sure why- I think its all the red and pink and lots of love going around. Last night at Sunday dinner my dad declared that he hates Valentines day because it is always about the girls. Which I guess is somewhat true because its wierd to send guys flowers and if you have a hubby like mine- he doesn't like candy or chocolate and thinks cards are a waste. So I have to be a little creative on Valentines for him.
This year I decided to hide his presents around the house and send him on a scavanger hunt to find his gifts.
All of the gifts for the Hubbs
I made him some homemade Woopie Pies that I found here
The only thing I could think of to go with Whoopie-- we are married I am allowed to say that.

On each of the hearts, there is a lovey note to the hubbs and then the clue to the next gift

I hope that my Hubbs loves his gifts and his hunt for the gifts. I had fun putting it all together for him.
I love my hubbs and baby daddy so much.

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  1. awe soo cute! you are so creative! i love it! happy v-day girlie! have fun with with the hubbs and that cute boy of yours!