Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun times playing the Block Lotto...

 I have been wanting to join a quilt group online because I have been so into quilting lately and I want some quilting friends to share it with. I am quite the fan of "google" and I love to google things so in my google quest, I found the Block Lotto and asked to join and now I am busy making my blocks for the January lotto. Basically a bunch of women make the same block and then take pictures of their finished blocks. This is their entry to the lotto and then they pick winners and the winner gets blocks sent to them. Yeah yeah... I am feeling lucky.

Here are my entries... this is the tic-tac-toe blocks

I love this block idea...I am not sure what its called but its awesome because they are free cuts- Every block will be a little different. Gives it a modern feel and unique.Different fabrics, different cuts. Usually blocks are so formal and everything is measured and kept the same. These blocks allow for variation. It would make for a fun kids quilt.


  1. You found us with Google? That's amazing ;-)

    If you like this style of quilting, you should take a look at Gwen Marston's books, Liberated Quilting, Liberated String Quilts and Liberated Quilting 2. The last one was just released. My plan for the Block Lotto this year is to make more "liberated" style blocks.

  2. Great blocks! Good luck in your lotto. If you're looking for other swaps, is a fantastic site. I'm in on the midget blocks the sentimental stitches site and can't wait to get started on those!! There's plenty of time to join in...I think it's open until the end of April. =)