Friday, January 15, 2010

Make-Up oh make-up.. how do I love thee

Why do us women spend so much money on Make-Up and why do we feel it is NEEDED before we walk out the door??
The other morning I woke up late for work- I packed up my make-up bag so I could do it in the car at all the stop lights from my house to the airport (35 minutes drive).
BUT... because I was in a hurry, the make-up bag sat on my table as I rushed out the door. The whole way to work I tried to figure out how I was going to manage to get some make-up so that I did not look like I rolled out of bed. I thought to stop at Walgreens and pick up some cheap makeup just to get by but I was late and stopping to buy makeup would make me even later.
I tried to find some odd pieces of makeup in my purse and only managed to find some Burts Bee chapstick (love that stuff) and one thing of MAC lip gloss. I am doomed- no makeup day for me.
Now I am not one to wear TONS of makeup and on Saturdays I barely put any on- but only the Hubbs sees me at those times. I was hurting- hair looked like crap,  no makeup, no shower... all day people said to me, "Brooke do you feel okay"... like no makeup makes me look sickly.
So today I went out and bought some "extra" basics that I can keep in my drawers at work JUST in case this exact issue happens again. Always prepared.

In another rant... I went to the OBGYN today for another "I'm not pregnant yet" appointment. I think the OB is the wrong place for people who suffer from infertility. To many pregnant bellies in one waiting room. The doc said that my bloodwork shows I have an adrenal gland problem... what the heck is an adrenal gland and why is it affecting my baby making?? So we shall see. He did not want to put me on fertility drugs until we know something more about the adrenal gland and get that under control- ugh... oh well. I guess I will just try to keep my chin up and remember that this all is happening for a reason and Heavenly Father knows what he is doing.


  1. I think being an adult brings on the 'have to have make-up' mentality. Back in college, I fell out of bed and went to school. Now that I have an 'adult job', I feel like I have to be more professional in my look, this means make-up.

  2. The makeup thing cracked me up B. I sometimes forget to
    wear mascara after everything is said and done. And then
    of course you feel like you aren't wearing anything at all.
    You make me laugh girl. I miss you. Britt