Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Activites...

, I feel like I haven't blogged in a while and thats okay. I have been busy keeping busy. My hormone doctor put me on some meds to level out my imbalances and its been great. I have had so much energy lately, been in a great mood, don't sweat the small stuff, and just have overall had a different mindset. I don't know if its the pills or just me trying to have a better attitude. Either way... its been great.
Heres the things I been working on in my world...
I finished this quilt... with the help from my mom.
I am not so great at binding yet- so she helps.

I also worked on this sign for my kitchen. I LOVE mod podge and wanted to make something with these colors for my kitchen. I will show once its all done... right now its drying.

I have also been busy cutting teddy bear faces for humanitarian aid and working on some new quilt blocks. This green and pink one is from one of the Log Cabin quilt kits I got at the quilt show last week. Which while I am on the subject... the quilt show is like the MECCA for quilters. Oh my... I loved it. I also found my dream quilting sewing machine that I am saving up for.
This one to the right is my Hello Betty Retro that I got in the mail a couple weeks ago. I had another pattern picked out for this fabric but then changed my mind wanting to do a Half Log Cabin. Should turn out good. I like the blocks so far. They just take longer then some of the other patterns I have done in the past.
So its been a busy weekend. Love my life.

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