Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Wonderful Blog I found...

In my wonderful world of blog hunting (I like to call it hunting and the Hubbs refers to it as STALKING-remind me to tell you my story)... I came across this blog called Nap Time Journal. Go check it out... she has some super wonderful cute ideas. I love creative women and the awesomeness of blogs where they share awesome ideas like these.

Oh my cuteness... wait there is more-

 I L.O.V.E this little baptism book... Its made with envelopes- what a great idea to store all the little memories.
Go check out her blog- She is awesomely wonderful.
Another new favorite- its a quilting one which is my FAVORITE pasttime other then staring into the Hubbs eyes (cheese I know). Anyways- checks out Crazy Old Ladies Quilts 
I am loving their blog name AND their quilts. I am hoping someday my quilts join circles like these ones.
The Hubbs friends always tell him "if Brooke is quilting now what is she going to do when she is 70?" my response... "become a CRAZY OLD LADY QUILTING".
Love them

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