Wednesday, December 23, 2009

As you know I have been attempting to make a baby for a while now. All the mattress mambo techniques are not really working for me. For some reason my husbands baby batter is not making a bun in my oven (wow that was alot of cooking lingo in one sentence). I have had the doctors poke and prod on me and I have another appt next week with the hormone doc. I have been frustrated, and sad, and angry, and bitter, and hormonal. I need to just relax.... so alas I am going to come to terms with my inner chi.
A friend of mine recommended The Tao for Fertility which is a book written by a Chinese doctor. The Western medicine technique is to take lots of hormone pills and whatnot- Eastern medicine teaches to meditate, eat healthy, herbs, acupunture all of those things. Heck its cheaper then the western way and I figure it can't hurt to try.
So in the new year, The Hubbs and I are going to go and get him tested to make sure his swimmers are swimming and if everything tests out okay, I think I am going to apply some of these Chinese ideas. I need some balance, some harmony, some positive energy, some chi. I have found that this baby making (or lack of) has caused me to be negative about my work and everything else around me.
so we shall see... I will know more after the new year. 2010 will be a great year.

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