Friday, December 11, 2009

Update on the ring....

If you read my post regarding my dog getting hungry, eating me ring, swallowing my diamond, finding my diamond in her poo, and that whole fiascal then I have an update for you. If you did not read that post... go read it. Its quite a humorous "that only happens on TV" types of story.
Anyways- so I came home from work yesterday and was all excited to take my super clean and sanitized diamond and the teeth marked setting back to Jared's (ahhhh he went to Jareds) and get an estimate on the fixing of the ring and turn it into my insurance and have the ring fixed in 5-7 days. Or so I thought.
I came home, got the diamond and was looking at it when I noticed that there was a chip missing from the side of the diamond. What?? Diamonds don't break. Flip... this dog has a super jaw and crazy teeth if she can break a diamond.
The Hubbs was pissed, I was laughing because seriously?!... can anything else go wrong in this mess. Damn Dog.
The nice Assistant General Manager at Jareds was soooo nice. He said "at least you have the diamond". So Jareds has a "lifetime guarentee on all diamonds" and as long as you get it inspected every 6 months, they will replace and fix rings and whatnot. He said they could shave down and recut MY diamond but it would be significantly smaller or they could just send it out and get me a new one at the same cut and clarity. BUT it will take 10-12 weeks before I have my ring back. UGHHHH! So all in all... I guess it turned out okay. I did not need to use my insurance, I do have the diamond back, and its gonna get fixed by the nice people at Jareds.
What have I learned from this whole ordeal... this is a ring- yes it was expensive, yes I loved it, yes it was a nice gift from my husband to let me know he wanted to marry me but its just a ring. We are healthy (sorta), we have a home (sorta), we have great families, we have each other, we have jobs, we are blessed. It's just a ring....
and in 10-12 weeks will be back on my finger. (hehe).

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