Friday, December 18, 2009


I was thinking the other day about getting a gun (don't tell my mother and mom if your reading this... forget I said that).
Monday morning around 5:00 AM (which is exactly 65 minutes before my alarm clock) I was awoken by Sampson (my rottie) barking. It was not the soft, sweet "I'm hungry" bark but the serious, deep "somethings going on" bark. Then we heard gun shots. Now don't get scared- they were not in our backyard or in our house but definitly near by. So close that the Hubbs made me lay on the floor in fear of flying bullets. We heard a total of 15 shots then, there were sirens, and then 4 more shots and then nothing.
I have not seen anything in the paper or on the news about the gun shots- I am not sure what happened but what I do know is some crazy person was shooting their gun ALOT at 5:00 in the morning (not a fun way to start the MONDAY MORNING).
So then I was thinking- I have this false sense of security. Besides my super macho husband and my diamond eating cocker spaniel (who bites), what kind of protection do we have in our house. Yes we lock the doors but that doesn't mean anything. If someone wanted to break in, they could. Yes the dogs would alert us but what if... (I may watch to much SVU).
So here comes my dilemma- how do we protect ourselves? The Hubbs wants us to get PepperSpray. I suggested a gun but he was not so thrilled with the idea... probably because I can't even walk straight so my gunshots are probably doomed. Plus you hear about gun accidents and whatnot. My parents never had a gun (that I know of) and I do not know why I feel the need for protection but I was scared the other day. For the first time, I walked to my car a little fearful. At any time something could happen.
The church teaches us to prepare for bad days- we do food storage to prepare for disasters or economic problems. We save money to prepare for the future. But what do we do to prepare for someone breaking into our house or hijacking our car. What do we do to make our false sense of safety not false??

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  1. This story scares the crap out of me! Thank goodness this didn't happen to me, because we would be moving due to the lack of sleep I would be getting. How do you feel safe? If you find the answer to this question please let me know!