Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Year End Deadlines...

At work it always seems like the end of the year is what we call "crunch time". We meet about two months out reanalyze all the goals we set for the year and then half arse throw everything together so we can call it completed. On one hand, I think this is great because we can cross it off the list before we get a new set of goals thrown at us. On the other hand, we probably should have spaced all the projects out when we got them- rather then wait until year end. Either way... it becomes a stressful time of year.

On the same lines... I made some personal goals in 2009. Some of them I accomplished and some I did not. The Hubbs and I sat down after scripture study a couple weeks ago and wrote out our goals for 2010- HIS, HERS, and OURS. (I felt like I was back at my missionary days when you would do weekly goal setting-- great concept and not sure why I did not stick with that... add that to my goal list).

One of my goals for 2009 was to make a quilt. That goal got put on the 2010 list but under "finish the quilt". Instead, I decided over the last couple days to apply "crunch time". I finished it and love it. I am a "QUILTER" now. Hooked.

Its not perfect by anymeans... definitly not as great as some of the amazing woman I have blog searched like but I am getting there. Just a little more practice.

I loved this backing fabric- I got it at JoAnns ON SALE... its little Dragonflies (I love Dragonflies- in case you did not know)

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