Thursday, December 31, 2009


I have been reading this book called Tao for Fertility and it talks about detoxing my body of all the crap thats in it to allow my body to take in new, healthy foods and a new way of life. So after an expensive trip to Whole Foods, I am detoxing this week (attempting to at least). Eating all whole grains, drinking only herb teas (and the occasional Diet Dr.Pepper shhhh) and stretching more... I can honestly say I am feeling ALOT better already. I have more energy and have a different feeling inside. Something to be said about eating healthy.

I went to the Dr. on Tuesday to only be told "you are not going to get pregnant in the next three months so just forget about it". I semi-cussed at the doctor under my breath but then after a few tears were shed she explained that I will need medical help to get pregnant and I will not be able to get the medical help until they can figure out whats going on with my hormone levels. No answers... more tests... and passed onto another doctor. I know we will get pregnant but it might take all our money trying and we will probably pop out like 5 at one time.

I wonder if TLC needs a new reality show.....

what sucks to is that I see all of these mothers come into my office that have like 6 kids and are pregnant with a 7th and they make $8.00/hr and are trying to get government assistance... Thats when I used to get a little bitter. I don't know if they realize what a blessing their children are.

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