Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just another day.... whatever

This was a very INTERESTING day... I have been knitting alot lately and well its difficult to knit with my wedding rings on (rings = my band and my engagement ring). I took them off and placed them next to the couch on a little table. I woke up this morning a little sluggish and as I was leaving for work, I went to the little table only to find that my diamond ring was missing. I thought the Hubbs moved the ring because he thought it might fall into the couch or something along those lines so I checked with the Hubbs and he said he didn't move it but that he woke up in the middle of the night because our dog Bailey was chewing on something hard. I thought to myself "no way would the dog eat my wedding ring" but sure enough we found the ring outside with little teeth marks all over it and the prongs bent back... WITH NO DIAMOND!!

The Hubbs was convinced that she either ATE IT or it fell out of the ring as Bailey carried it around the house. Seriously?!?

I made an appt with the vet to do an xray to see if the diamond was inside her- the diamond was 1.5 carats so we thought it would be able to be seen on an xray but the vet said he saw nothing. We locked Bailey up in the bathroom for the day until after we got off work and then searched the house high and low on the "Great Diamond Search". I called the insurance and luckily I took out a seperate policy on the ring since it was worth quite a bit of money. Insurance said they would cover for lost diamonds (thank goodness) and the agent couldn't help but laugh when I told him that we thought the dog may have eaten it.

So to spare you all the gross details... my ring was found and it WAS eaten by Bailey. Now most items I would not be willing to search poo over but this WAS my diamond and it WAS worth close to $10,000 so pretty much her poo became the prized item of the day.
Here is my diamond all nice, clean, and SANITIZED

And here is the "Great Diamond Thief"

She's a brutal Cocker Spanial

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