Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Crafice....

So I have to change the name of my craft room to Crafice because it just sounds better and honestly I have been calling it that as I have worked on it. I love neat looking craft rooms- you saw the previous post and all the potential that I have with this working space. The husband loved it when I came to him last night and said, "honey I need pegboard". (check out this blog and see the wonderful craft peg board she has.

So... I went to Lowes late last night, purchased some pegboard (it was on sale-normally $14.00 and I got it for $4.11-- woo hoo). Bought some yellow spray paint (yellow is a bright, cheery color) and went to work.

So something I learned about spray paint-- it sucks. I had to use like 3 cans- also, don't stand so close to it because you get a buzz from inhaling the spray fumes. Also, its hard to keep it all even. Since this was one of my projects, The husband wanted me to do it all with so he sat nicely in a chair as I tuckered away at the peg board. UCK! Once it was done... I loved it.
I got the board put up and will post the pics tomorrow. I now have like 5 projects going... how do all these super women do it??

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  1. Okay Miss Crafty Im loving your idea! you are so creative I so glad you are now blogging and sharing your ideas.. I will def be blog stalking you now girl:-)