Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Dish...

In the search of a new, fabulous meal to feed the Husband I came across the HAWAIIAN HAYSTACK. Am I the only mormon who has never tried this wonderful meal??? because when I googled it, it seemed to be on alot of blogs.

So here was my crack at it... and I might add... it was YUMMY!!!

So here is the SUPER SIMPLE recipe... Brown some chicken (I only used 2 chicken breasts) cut chicken into pieces- add one can of Cream of Chicken soup and one Can of Cream of Mushroom soup. Cook some rice and put the chicken soup mixture on top. Add some yummy toppings. I used: Chow Mein noodles, coconut, pineapple chunks, tomatos, shredded cheddar, celery, and green onions. It was awesome. The leftovers were even more yummy. Try it out and let me know.

1 comment:

  1. hmmm that looks delish I am going to try it! I ve never had a hawain hay stack either so don't feel bad!! thanks for the idea! oh and P.S. the plates are a super great touch I need to branch out from black I love black and that's about it! BORING!!!