Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Execrafice....

Every woman needs a space to create... whether it be to create a blanket, create an awesome body, create a piece of art, create a new outfit therefore
every house needs what I call a "creativity center". Luckily my house has an extra room (because I have no children) that I have called THE EXECRAFICE... Excercise Room/Office/Craft Room. The the execrafice doesn't sound all that fun- I am going to now call it just my CREATIVITY CENTER. Okay- so anyways- here is a pic of the room currently

Okay so notice lots of boxes and a chaotic MESS- thats because we have not CREATED the "Creativity Center". To see what I want my CREATIVE CENTER to look like... go visit this wonderful blog.

or visit this blog

So now I will go to work on my room... will keep you posted.

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  1. sacri-nothing. craft rooms should be part of the national benefits package.