Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Story....

  • I have a confession. I am a blog stalker. I find myself constantly reading blogs. Whether I know you or I don't.... I will read the blog and feel like I have become part of your family. With that... I have a problem. I see all of these things in the blogs that make me say to myself "I can do that". Then I venture to what "the husband" calls my "flavor of the week". Whether its baking (thanks Bakerella) or decorating (DesignMom, NieNie), or taking amazing pics (the hundreds of photographer blogs), cooking, or quilting... I want to do it all. My boss uses this phrase all the time- BAW (said as its spelled). A group of her friends make up what they call the BAW CLUB- Bad Ass Women's Club. These women are much like the women I read about in the blogs. They all have done amazing things like write a book, had 8 kids who all are successful, run charity events, work full time, have a SPOTLESS house, cook yummy meals that not only taste good but are healthy, sew clothes, work out daily, make homemade bread, have food storage, take care of their husband, get very little sleep because they take care of babies, volunteer at church, run a marathon, volunteer at school, work full time, always have makeup on, with hair that looks perfect, organized AND still have time to BLOG ABOUT IT. So in my ventures with this blog... I want to be a BAW. Here is my conclusion. I am a normal person- I work a full time at a job that sometimes is emotionally draining. I am getting my Masters Degree currently. I have a husband "the husband" that is amazing. I have no kids and 4 dogs. I have very little crafting skill and very little cooking skills, BUT I do attempt to do it all. Domestically Brooke is my attempt at a blog to become a BAW. I am going to blog about my adventures in trying to be everything that I see in blogs or come across along the way. I will show you what others have made... then I will show you Brooke's ATTEMPT at it (good and bad). Now if I can just figure out how to make a blog.

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