Sunday, September 13, 2009

My FIrst Domestic Project

so my grandma is definitly a BAW (refer to first post). She can do everything. She cooks amazing food, quilts these beautiful art pieces, can cross stitches. Anyways- on my last trip to Missouri she told me that she no longer is cross stitching blankets for her great grandchildren. SInce I have yet to produce a GREAT GRANDCHILD for her, I figured I needed to cross stitch my own blanket for my future unborn children. I think this actually turned out pretty good. I only got the smart idea about creating the blog about me wanting to be everyone else halfway through the blanket, I did not chronical my every move. But needless to say- here is the finished product. I only show the front because the back is kinda a mess. Even if I never produce a child to love in this blanket- my dog MIA loves it as you can see.

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