Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yummy Treats... care of Better Homes and Garden

This last weekend the Husbands grandfather passed away and I had some time sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. As I flipped through all the magazines, something caught my eye. It reminded me of Bakerella's CakePops If you have not ever seen her BLOG- go look at it. LOVE IT! Anyways- it wasn't a CakePop but instead was a Vanilla Wafer Pop. I believe all great things come on a stick- I mean really. CornDogs (especially state fair ones), caramel apples, Cheese on a Stick, lollipops (I love DumDums), Popsicles, CakePops, and now the ever so yummy... wafer sandwiches on a stick.

So ingredients.... Vanilla Wafers (yummy), a bag of Caramels, some lollipop sticks, milk chocolate chips (or any sort of candy melts), and I like Sprinkles.
So you begin by melting the caramels according to the directions (caramels and usually a tablespoon or two of water) Once melted take a spoonful and place on the vanilla wafer (flat side). Place the lollipop stick in the caramel and place a little more caramel on top. Then put another vanilla wafer. This creates a sandwich.
Once completed, place in the freezer so the caramel hardens. Meanwhile melt your chocolate and get your sprinkle station set up... I like to call it a "Station" because I tend to make a sprinkle mess.

Once sprinkled... I put them into a pieve of foam (as you can kinda see in the background) to dry. Then you can wrap them in a little plastic wrap or a small bag with a ribbon. These are SUPER YUMMY. The husband loved them and he normally does not like sweets (crazy I know). So go make some and let me know what you think.

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