Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thrift store finds



to go thrift store shopping. I love buying things second hand, cheaper prices, pre-shrunk, and just super exciting when you find a good buy. Some of the amazing bloggers out there always post their awesome finds. http://www.dearcjane.blogspot.com/ Cjane and her lovely sister NieNie always find these amazing dresses, skirts, and super cute vintage wear from thrift stores. So likewise... I was on pursuit to find me some goodies- not the typical Brooke things I look for either- I wanted something unique. So here are a couple of my goodies from my Saturday Trip

Now the weather just needs to start feeling like FALL rather then late SUMMER- its still in the 100's here in Phoenix. I may get to wear these super cute coats in December. They both were only $10.00 each. YEAH YEAH

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